Creator of the world's most powerful handheld laser

About JD-Lasers

Notice: The website will be updated soon. I now have a larger selection of lasers available. All prices are on the "Order One" page in the top-right.


JD-Lasers Blue MagLite Laser (3000mW)
(geniune >5000mW available now also)

JD-Lasers flagship product. A top-quality MagLite body, 3000mW of raw power, and tons of built in features for safety and convenience.

This product is:
  • Over twice the power of the most popular high-power laser
  • Is of excellent hand-built boutique quality
  • Has built-in safety features such as an "armed" keyswitch
  • High-density Lithium-Ion batteries and a good charger
  • Built-in battery monitor LED
  • Thermal monitor LED
  • Alarm when you have left it armed

Here, you can see why it's the world's most powerful handheld.

Brilliant solid blue beam at night!


JD-Lasers Stealth Edition (2000mW)

Want something smaller? The JD-Lasers Stealth Edition is half the size of the JD-Lasers MagLite Laser.

It is built into a quality body and uses a blue 2000mW laser and optics system with a custom-made and polished heatsink.

  • Smaller size, can fit in your pocket
  • Still much more powerful than the most popular high-power laser
  • Excellent hand-built quality
  • High-Density Li-Ion batteries and charger
  • Comes with a pair of laser Safety goggles