High-power hand-built boutique lasers

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NOTE: Lasers are in custom bodies now. Not Maglites.

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JD-Lasers Blue MagLite Laser (Geniune 7000mW+)

JD-Lasers flagship product. A top-quality MagLite body, over 7000mW of raw 455nm power (appears brighter than 445nm like most high-power blue lasers), and tons of built in features for safety and convenience.

This product is:
  • Over triple the power of the most popular high-power handheld laser.
  • Is of excellent hand-built boutique quality.
  • Feels of top quality in the hand.
  • Has built-in safety features such as an "armed" key-switch.
  • High-density Lithium-Ion batteries and a good charger.
  • Built-in battery monitor LED.
  • Thermal monitor LED.
  • Automatic power off.
  • Alarm when you have left it armed.
Extremely high powered 7000mW+ laser system with high-quality collimation optics built into a heatsink custom-made to fit the C-size MagLite head.
Tough key-switch built into the tailcap as a safety feature to prevent unauthorized use. The key-switch "arms" the laser which can then be turned on with a revamped light-press switch in place of the original MagLite switch.

Brilliantly solid blue beam at night!