High-power hand-built boutique lasers


Review from Christchurch, New Zealand

the laser has been great i give it a 5 star rating, its way better than what i thought it would be, great piece of kit for carving into wood, and leaving a burnt affect on it, the new one with the armed system looks great i would recommend this product for anyone thanks for the great trade

Review from Arizona, USA

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Review from Levin, New Zealand

simply amazing. the laser is very well made and has an excellent design regarding heat distribution and interface. the price is a bit of an investment, but for the power you get it is cheap. Absolutely loving the burning capability and showing it off to my friends. I really love this product and can't get enough of it. 10 out of 10!

Review from Redcar, United Kingdom

it's great, especially in an open space like the countryside or burning into wood, i am pleased a lot wiv it, thank you :)


Review from Texas, USA

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Review from Batangas, Phillipines

Review soon to come...